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11: Persons of Interest


A discussion about the ups and downs of drinking alcohol (and juices) leads to a big celebration of Milo’s second birthday as a self-employed mad genius. On top of this, we chat with co-conspirator Michael Nobbs about energy diaries, co-working spaces, daily creative habits and appreciation journals. And in a moment of mental derangement, Fabian […]

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10: Honesty and Hibernation

Morrissey Ruins Christmas by Jim

As we enter Glühwein season, Fabian, Michael and Milo met to chat about how to have a happy, merry and (slightly) productive December (unless you prefer to be a bit ‘Bah Humbug’, as Milo and Morrissey do). Listen/Subscribe on iTunes | Stitcher Discussing Christmas trees, the end of the tiny office, and the inception of the do-not-disturb beanie, […]

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9: Cooking Up A Mountain Storm

Mountain Storm

Accompanied by some interesting background noises (including the clinking of whisky glasses and what might be traffic, a mountain storm, or alien interference), Fabian and Milo talk about the importance of limiting how much we have on our plates if we want to produce the goods. On the eve of a significant milestone in Fabian’s online life, we […]

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The C.A.K.E. Method Course #1: Celebration Day Round-Up

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 11.56.21

Greetings! We’re celebrating at Mountain Shores because we’ve just served up the first helping of our brand new course The C.A.K.E. Method to the first ever crew of the cakeship enterprise. Our first launch was a bite-sized success, with all ten places selling out within 48 hours, and we’ve had loads of fun helping our […]

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8: Getting Geeky


Listen/Subscribe on iTunes | Stitcher Featuring very special guest Michael Nobbs, our first autumn episode looks back at vacation time and how we sometimes tend to use even our days off to work a little – or a little too much. Getting intimate with our inner geeks, we look at the fun of building websites, the discipline of […]

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7: Blogging Warriors – Type fast, die young!


An unsuspecting chat about the advantages of writing over wood-working turns into a full-fledged impromptu podcast. In this episode, Milo and Fabian chat about blogs as digital “total works of art”, the advantages of tiny offices, and micro-productivity. In a deep conversation on habits, we are delighted to see how tiny changes in life can […]

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6: Finding Home In Writing (and Rhode Island)

Mountain Shores on Iceland (photo by Dave Ursillo)

Crossing the seas and encompassing several different time zones, we meet creative entrepreneur Dave Ursillo, our first guest from the US. In this episode, we discuss the emerging phase of the writer’s profession and the power of the pen as a tool for invitational leadership. Covering the nuts and bolts of briefing your family with […]

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5: Summer (Un)Productivity

Nice Eis

Leveraging our proverbial discipline, we gather with the wonderful Michael Nobbs on one of the warmest days of the year to chat about summer productivity, social media sabbaticals, schedules, sleep patterns and self-depletion. We talk about repetition versus reiteration in writing, using Mad Men to kickstart your day, and the wonders of the Start Here […]

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4: The League of Creative Minds

Markus Friese - Liebeslied-2000

In an act of courage, Milo takes on chatting with not one but two Germans in this episode. With web designer and illustrator Markus Freise, we met on Skype to discuss Markus’ decision to ditch a well-paid and safe job as CEO of a web design agency in order to become a freelancer. Anticipating the […]

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3: Cakes and Slow Travel


Our podcast baby has a name, finally! Started as a wee experiment, we’re glad to bring you Mountain Shores episode 3, recorded with our co-host honorem causa Michael Nobbs. In a premiere, we met up in real life – in order to attend Chris Guillebeau’s Party at the End of the World, celebrating the fact that he achieved his goal of […]

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