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By Fabian

Beyond Rules: A Dilettante’s Guide to Personal Sovereignty, Space Travel, and Lots of Ice Cream

Beyond Rules (cover image)We live in a world of unprecedented freedom – or so we think. In reality, most of us are born into a multitude of rules and dependencies:

We depend on corporations to feed us – thus we play by their rules.
We depend on the media to inform us – thus we play by their rules.
We depend on counselors and advisors to think for us – thus we play by their rules.
We depend on teachers to educate us – thus we play by their rules.

Most of all, we depend on money to buy what we need – and thus we play by its rules.

All of these rules come with some advantages, but also with many strings attached.

Instead of simply accepting them unquestioned, this little book proposes to become a personal sovereign and transcend them: Become your personal king, your personal queen – a micro-monarch, if you want – and go beyond the rules that are holding you back.

This kind of sovereignty is about expansion – but only on a personal level: Instead of subjugating others to your will, you become a leader of yourself. The idea behind that is that if we want to fix the world, we have to fix own lives first. Don’t underestimate that: Becoming a personal sovereign is a lot of work – but it’s absolutely worth it!

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Productive Anywhere

Productive Anywhere CoverIf you want to travel the world and work from anywhere, here’s the e-guide that will get you out of your office and onto the road.

The center of Productive Anywhere is the 180-page Core Guide that offers a complete overview of productivity on the road. Instead of just offering information on the tools and gadgets, or getting lost in technical tattle, it follows a holistic approach, incorporating all three elements of productivity:

  1. Mindset and Spirit: The intuitive basis that allows us to be naturally productive.
  2. From Chaos to Concepts: The intellectual approaches developed in several successful productivity concepts.
  3. The Practicalities: The hands-on knowledge, howtos, and tools to work anywhere.

Most approaches to productivity forget at least one of these elements – and that’s the primary reason why people don’t manage to pull through with them. Think about it:

Featuring the 28,000-word Productive Anywhere Core Guide, the (mighty) Toolbox, an Anti-Overwhelm Guide and the Expert Interviews, Productive Anywhere is the complete package to help you get everything done on your to-do list, while still leaving you with plenty of time to travel the world. (Or to have a cold beer in your hammock!)

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By Milo

DTDJDcovernewThe Ditch The Day Job Diaries

In February 2012 I left the civil service after 10 years, taking voluntary redundancy, in order to see if I could earn a decent living as a freelance writer and blogger.

I’ve been sharing the experience on my blog and email newsletter as well as through a series of videos which I called The Ditch the Day Job Diaries.

One year later, I share my experiences in this short collection which includes extracts from blog posts, emails and my personal journal.

My hope is that this book will help other people who are maybe thinking about going freelance or trying to make a living doing what they love to develop the good habits and mindset they need before they leave their secure job.

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Clear-Minded Classics: Ten Essential Books for Dissatisfied Creative Types

Clear-Minded-ClassicsA short guide to ten Clear-Minded Classics which have featured on the blog, which helps talented people take their life’s work into their own hands.

I spent a lot of time ‘lost at sea’ over the last 15 years, and these books have gradually helped me steer a course to the shore – but it took a lot of time just to discover they were out there. It took a lot of trial and error to put these ideas into place. Therefore I hope this guide can save you a lot of time spent searching for answers and enable you to get to work on your creative projects even sooner!

Through these reviews I share my own journey from civil servant to self-employed writer aiming to build a sustainable creative business. You can see how the books helped me, and which might be applicable to your own life.

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