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About Mountain Shores

Mountain Shores is a laid-back, discussion-based podcast about navigating the valleys and peaks of creative life without ending up in the doldrums.

Your hosts are  Fabian Kruse (The Friendly Anarchist) and Milo McLaughlin (Clear-Minded Creative).

Each month (or thereabouts) we’ll share insights, advice and lessons learnt from our own journeys as self-employed bloggers, authors and cake aficionados. We’ll also be welcoming some very special guests from around the world to take part in the conversation.


Fabian and Milo with regular guest Michael Nobbs.

What Is (Un)Productivity?

We believe that in order to create a great body of work and live a good life, artists need to recognise and embrace the paradoxes of (un)productivity.

(Un)Productivity is the art of getting things done without sacrificing health and happiness. It means adopting the idler’s approach: Avoid stupid work and mindless busy-ness, and focus ruthlessly on what really matters. After all, real productivity means learning to choose wisely.

A New World

(Un)Productivity is more important now than it ever was. The internet has opened up a new world of opportunity for artists and creative types. It’s no longer necessary to be famous or wealthy in order to be “productive anywhere” and get our work out to an international audience.

But the digital revolution also has its perils, ranging from information overload to habitual procrastination. Who doesn’t enjoy spending a whole afternoon with researching ways to be more productive?

Mountain Shores won’t waste your time with tired, generic advice. Instead, we’ll be discussing the real life experiences and challenges of being a creative entrepreneur.  Regular discussion topics will include creativity, (un)productivity, blogging, freelancing and self-employment, personal development, minimalism, idleness and the many ways that technology can both help and hinder our progress. We’ll also try to regularly mention cake.

 Milo eyes up a cake in Oslo.