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8: Getting Geeky


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Featuring very special guest Michael Nobbs, our first autumn episode looks back at vacation time and how we sometimes tend to use even our days off to work a little – or a little too much.

Getting intimate with our inner geeks, we look at the fun of building websites, the discipline of stopping, and promising careers in the ice-cream business.

We also consider the perils of thinking too small, and discuss finding the right balance between getting rich and just getting by (and Amazon’s secret to making a profit from blogging).

Ultimately, we can’t resist to chat about the latest iPhones and how they will suck us in, steal our money, send our fingerprints directly to the NSA – but also support our creative endeavors.

For those of you who’d like to have (more) fun and get more done as a blogger, we release the teaser trailer for C.A.K.E., plus a save-the-date for October 1 – on which the three of us invite you to join us on a live hangout to celebrate Milo’s year without booze and the official C.A.K.E. launch!

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