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6: Finding Home In Writing (and Rhode Island)

Mountain Shores on Iceland (photo by Dave Ursillo)

Dave’s fantastic photo of Icelandic Mountain Shores

Crossing the seas and encompassing several different time zones, we meet creative entrepreneur Dave Ursillo, our first guest from the US. In this episode, we discuss the emerging phase of the writer’s profession and the power of the pen as a tool for invitational leadership.

Covering the nuts and bolts of briefing your family with powerpoint presentations on your decision to quit your day job, we talk about how to explore the chaotic landscape of your mind, homesickness, the relationship between philosophy and creative practice, and how to find home in writing (and Rhode Island, of course!).

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Show Notes

Before Your Quit Writing, Read This!

The excellent artwork for the book, by Mars Dorian

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4 responses to “6: Finding Home In Writing (and Rhode Island)”

  1. Greg says:

    Milo and Fabian, thank-you for another thought-provoking conversation and for introducing another new voice to the audience.

    2013 has been a challenging year for me. I’ve experienced trauma, loss, and a loss of direction and ambition in the past six months. Dave’s post resonated with some of that experience. Writing was scary because it touched something raw and unpleasant, but I’m encouraged to return to it. If “fear is a signal that something matters,” then writing can help me to work through that fear to find that something.

    Thanks to you all, this conversation has given me the glimmer of hope I need to get me moving again.

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  3. Marg says:

    A great conversation! Comment, the First: the issue of making a difference NOW that Dave talks about is what propelled me to start writing a novel in 2011, which led me on my own journey to freedom (hooray), so that belief totally resonated. Don’t wait!
    And Comment, the Second, finding a ‘foothold for surviving and a foothold for emerging’ sounds like a lot to unpack… in a future podcast? It’s a good point, about being self-aware, self-forgiving, and honest anyway! At least, that’s what I took from that part of the discussion. Thanks again, guys!

    • Fabian Kruse says:

      Thanks Margaret! It would definitely be a huge pleasure to chat with Dave about the other stages in the future. Two more podcasts, at least! 🙂

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