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5: Summer (Un)Productivity

Nice EisLeveraging our proverbial discipline, we gather with the wonderful Michael Nobbs on one of the warmest days of the year to chat about summer productivity, social media sabbaticals, schedules, sleep patterns and self-depletion.

We talk about repetition versus reiteration in writing, using Mad Men to kickstart your day, and the wonders of the Start Here page. Featuring police cars and chirping birds, the show ends with an incredible opportunity to grab free ice-cream during Summer on a tiny island in the North Sea.

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6 responses to “5: Summer (Un)Productivity”

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  3. Greg says:

    Thanks for another thought-provoking podcast. Creativity (and focus) flourish within the confines of strict constraints. That’s the thought that arose when I heard you mention the highly structured schedules of Buddhist monks in monastic training. With choices severely limited, it can eliminate distractions from being “in the moment.” In contrast, “freedom” in the form of unlimited choices can lead to “decision fatigue” as Michael, I believe, named it. There are so many scenarios and possibilities, that making a decision becomes a major event in itself, often leading to paralysis by analysis. There is a yin-yang element in both situations. Can you take the “best” elements from these extremes? Or, is it sufficient for your internal compass to be aware of and recognize the opportunities and challenges available from both?

    • Fabian Kruse says:

      Good thoughts, Greg! I have to admit that I used to operate very much on the “freedom” side of the scale, but am moving slowly towards a more structured approach. This is closely related to the notion of “space travel” I write about in Beyond Rules: Coming from a very structured environment, it was important for me to create lots of free space first, in order to build a new, soverign structure later.

      That said, it’s still a balancing act and I believe that many of us will “struggle” (not necessarily in a “bad” way) with this during all our lives. My personal goal is to remain conscious of the problem and able to readjust as needed.

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