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4: The League of Creative Minds

Markus Friese - Liebeslied-2000

Liebeslied-2000/Love Song 2000 by Markus Friese

In an act of courage, Milo takes on chatting with not one but two Germans in this episode. With web designer and illustrator Markus Freise, we met on Skype to discuss Markus’ decision to ditch a well-paid and safe job as CEO of a web design agency in order to become a freelancer.

Anticipating the inception of a defense league against office boredom, we talk about how to turn competitors into clients, the job descriptions of creative minds, self-responsibility, and how to learn to play tennis. (Spoiler: You learn to play tennis by playing tennis!)

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4 responses to “4: The League of Creative Minds”

  1. Yeah. Thanks. It was a pleasure.

  2. Michelle thepingsta says:

    Fabian, Milo & Markus,

    Inspiring & motivating stuff!!

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