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3: Cakes and Slow Travel

mountainshores-osloOur podcast baby has a name, finally! Started as a wee experiment, we’re glad to bring you Mountain Shores episode 3, recorded with our co-host honorem causa Michael Nobbs.

In a premiere, we met up in real life – in order to attend Chris Guillebeau’s Party at the End of the World, celebrating the fact that he achieved his goal of visiting every country in the world by the age of 35 (it was also his birthday party!).

On a mountainside in Oslo we leisurely discuss slow travel, making deeper and more meaningful connections (even at crazy parties) and why the word awesome can sometimes feel a bit awkward to say out loud (but is still referring to a good thing). Also, feat. lots of cakes. Think of it as a special guest.


Also, see some wonderful photos of the trip:

Milo over at Flickr

Fabian at The Friendly Anarchist

(and/or – embed slideshow – or post as a separate post.)

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