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17: World (Un)Productivity Summit 2015

Cakes! - photo copyright Milo McLaughlinFive partners in blogs met up in Wales at Gladstone’s Library to hold the inaugural World (Un)Productivity Summit. As the name suggests, we enjoyed a delightfully light programme: “Presentations in the morning followed by general lolling about in the afternoon.”

In this podcast, recorded live at Gladstone’s, the MoSho core team (Milo, Michael and Fabian) and their fellow attendees, Mary and Lourenco, look back at a few delightful “days out of time”. We talk about how to organize a micro conference, bad wi-fi, and the beauty of getting fed. As a special bonus, Milo shares the secret to enlightenment.

For further enlightenment, we invite you to watch our (short) conference video and sign up to our W(U)PS list in order to receive our talks from the summit for free right into your inbox.

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