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14: Lockpicking Imaginary Handcuffs (with Robert Wringham)


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In the most political conversation in Mountain Shores history, Michael, Milo and Fabian meet up in a tapped cable somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in order to talk with comedian and writer Robert Wringham.

We chat about Harry Houdini, humor writing, self help, life traps, and winters in Montréal. A juicy discussion of escaping bullshit jobs and consumer culture leads us to the question of all questions: Is “the destruction of all life on earth” too big a sacrifice just to get new iPhones every year?

To end on a lighter note, we learn about Robert’s work day and reveal – in a world exclusive – his Harness the Zombie technique.

Show Notes

Everything you need to know about Robert Wringham

Names dropped, Things mentioned

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