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13: Chaps on Macs

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In their most geeky episode ever (complete with their first ever theme tune!), Michael, Milo and Fabian chat about the two recent Apple events, (frugal) standing desks, sync issues, iOS glitches, and update ennui.

Milo reports back on the brand new Edinburgh Apple Store and the “ridiculously large” new iPhones and falls prey to retina addiction on his MacBook Pro. Fabian is happy to have missed it all and prefers walking through the drizzle (and sheep excrement).

Finally, after we are (rather ironically) hit by a few technical problems requiring us to reschedule our conversation for a few days later, Michael dares to ask the question of all questions: Wouldn’t it be nice if software never got updated, so we wouldn’t have to worry about new things?

After a brief discussion of the most recent iPads we all decide we’re (relatively) unimpressed. We’ll forego any upgrade for now – and instead invest in the “pink vessels” that can be found on Milo’s ironing board.

Disclaimer: If you have never heard of a site called MacRumors, you might want to skip this episode for your own sanity.

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