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10: Honesty and Hibernation

Morrissey Ruins Christmas by Jim'll Paint It

Morrissey Ruins Christmas by Jim’ll Paint It

As we enter Glühwein season, Fabian, Michael and Milo met to chat about how to have a happy, merry and (slightly) productive December (unless you prefer to be a bit ‘Bah Humbug’, as Milo and Morrissey do).

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Discussing Christmas trees, the end of the tiny office, and the inception of the do-not-disturb beanie, we look at the pressures of the Holiday season and our options to use the slow time between Christmas and New Year (“between the years”, as the Germans call it) in a productive way.

Just at the right time for the usual end-of-the-year shopocalypse, Michael introduces us to his decluttering regime, which he has been following for more than 20 days now.

At the end of this anniversary edition of Mountain Shores, we look back at the year and wonder whether to make New Year’s resolutions once again, or instead enjoy the benefits of a full month of healthy hibernation before even thinking about 2014.

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