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MoSho Mini #2 – A nice little ritual

2016-03-20 14.17.08

The chaps (Michael, Fabian and Milo) ease their way back into podcasting with a brief discussion about caffeinated beverages and their tasty but rather addictive qualities. MoShow Notes: Michael’s choice of decaffeinated coffee Track your caffeine intake with the UP Coffee app for iOS by Jawbone  Yoga Camp Info on Ayurveda Listen/Subscribe on iTunes | Stitcher

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MoSho Mini #1: Giving our all

Phelps co

Michael, Milo and Fabian meet up to record a Mountain Shores episode in a completely new format: About 10 minutes long, discussing a single topic, unapologetically recorded from the bottom of a plastic bucket. We’re calling these MoSho mini! In this particularly well prepared episode, we discuss “giving our all”, gold medals, and prioritizing sanity. […]

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19: The Vanishing

Microadventure in the dunes

Lourenço Azevedo joins the MoSho crew to talk about Chi Kung, 3-month holidays, and the downsides of violent stopping. Learn about Lourenço’s “color grade of connection”, Milo’s vision of effortless discipline, and the beauty of microadventure. In the end, we conclude that it doesn’t really matter whether you slowly disappear for three months or take […]

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18. El Capitan vs Jelly Bean Sandwich (Chaps on Macs Special Episode)


The Chaps on Macs are back to discuss the most recent Apple announcements, but their infatuation with the world’s most profitable company appears to be waning. Michael is now doing much of his work from a Google Chromebook, Fabian would rather have a feminist film night than watch the WWDC keynote, and Milo isn’t sure about Eddie Cue’s embarrassing […]

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17: World (Un)Productivity Summit 2015

Cakes! - photo copyright Milo McLaughlin

Five partners in blogs met up in Wales at Gladstone’s Library to hold the inaugural World (Un)Productivity Summit. As the name suggests, we enjoyed a delightfully light programme: “Presentations in the morning followed by general lolling about in the afternoon.” In this podcast, recorded live at Gladstone’s, the MoSho core team (Milo, Michael and Fabian) […]

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16: Supermarkt Connections

Markus Freise

For MoSho 16, we meet up again with our guest from episode 4, freelancing web designer and illustrator, Markus Freise. While Milo is walking the mean streets of Edinburgh, we revisit the idea of a “League of Creative Minds”. We discuss virtual agencies, acquiring clients by hanging out in supermarkets, and the beauty of international […]

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15: Writing for Wolves (with Kaite Welsh)

Kaite Welsh

In this episode, Milo and Fabian meet Kaite Welsh (Twitter, Contently), freelance journalist and author (and self-described MoSho fangirl!) who recently moved back to Edinburgh to pursue her writing work full-time. We discuss Kaite’s preparations that allowed her to leave her job, the advantages of strategic planning, weird press trips, and our rum (and music) […]

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14: Lockpicking Imaginary Handcuffs (with Robert Wringham)


Listen/Subscribe on iTunes | Stitcher In the most political conversation in Mountain Shores history, Michael, Milo and Fabian meet up in a tapped cable somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in order to talk with comedian and writer Robert Wringham. We chat about Harry Houdini, humor writing, self help, life traps, and winters in Montréal. A […]

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13: Chaps on Macs

2014-09-25 14.23.59 copy

In their most geeky episode ever (complete with their first ever theme tune!), Michael, Milo and Fabian chat about the two recent Apple events, (frugal) standing desks, sync issues, iOS glitches, and update ennui. Milo reports back on the brand new Edinburgh Apple Store and the “ridiculously large” new iPhones and falls prey to retina addiction on […]

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12: Imperfect Citizens

Westend Surfing SUP

Resurfacing after a few months in his offline hideout, Fabian discusses with Milo the beauty of creating in the real world, the importance of goals, what he has in common with David Hasselhoff and the improbabilities of ever becoming a professional kite-surfer (despite his involvement with Westend Surfing). After a short interruption from a potential psychokiller, […]

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